Who we are

Beauty is the word we love the most.
A living concept, always evolving, never still.
Because that’s what our work is:  craftsmanship in continuous evolution.

For us, every project is a tailor-made suit, each product a path of research,
each design a story in itself, a living tale, made of plaster, creativity, and human technique.

Everything we do is Made in Italy,
in the wake of a great tradition of art and
culture that we are honored to carry on.

It is quality without compromise.

Beauty is also a love of things done well.

Our team


Marlou Beenders
Netherlands Country Manager
+31 774640088


Debora Bello
Executive Assistant
+39 327 3285143


Denis Beltrando
North Italy Area Manager
+39 347 1537914


Sara Bianco
Project Manager


Serena Caputo
Export Manager
+39 342 9510946


Erasmo Fraccalvieri
Area Manager France & Monaco
+33 9 67189612


Carmelo Manisco
Germany Country Manager
+49 177 3100418


Oscar Muro
California Area Manager

+1 (949) 798-9606


Ivan Accoto
German-speaking Switzerland Area Manager
+41 797665983


Alessio Orlandi
Mexico Country Manager
+52 7772253329


Dario Roselli
Ceo & Founder

Our history



I was in Brooklyn, New York on January 23, 2002.

As I traveled, I had brought only my work, hand-painted frescoes, and a grand and ambitious dream:  to make them known and to bring my artists and the beauty of Italian craftsmanship to the entire world.

A desire that by that day was just about ready to shatter into a thousand pieces.

And, instead, just at that moment, finally began to materialize for real.

3:30 om, 661 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn.  Second floor of an industrial building.

The American entrepreneur who turned down my partnership proposal, instantly afraid of how long it takes to create the hand-painted works of art, unwittingly ignited the right spark in me to make my idea come to pass.

To eliminate that obstacle and the logistical difficulties that limited the project, I had to make my frescoes in Italy, then ship them.  Let art travel, not artists.

Here is what was needed:  I had to create walls that could be shipped.

Roll-up walls, flexible but strong, able to go on a plane, a ship, a car, or even able to fit in luggage.

“Impossible,” everyone told me, especially the experts in the sector.

Not for me.

The idea had already been born in my mind, clear and defined. I could see it, touch it, even smell it. I just had to make it.

Back in Italy, I gathered a team of professionals, craftsmen, and old masters with lots of experience, and began working on the new product.

On May 29, 2003, after a year spent testing a special plaster mixture, our flexible wall finally began to take shape, unrolling before our eyes in all its beauty.

2004 took us one step further, opening the door to high-resolution reproduction, for the unparalleled quality that we are proud to boast of today.

Affreschi & Affreschi was born.

From intuition and the courage to put our hearts into overcoming every obstacle to achieve it.

From determination and the desire to always move forward.

By meeting with the right people, life has put on our path.

If you have a team of people with sparkling eyes, you have everything.

Dario Roselli

Founder Affreschi & Affreschi

Where we are located

Affreschi & Affreschi is located in Minervino, in Salento.
Our heart is all over the world.

The company Wall Globe reminds us of this:
a very special planisphere where all the cities shine in which our wallcoverings
have already arrived, having crossed oceans and continents.

A firmament of stars that embraces the entire Earth.