Our decorative wall coverings are reproduced on special unrollable plaster, 1 mm thick,
kneaded and stretched by hand by masters with years of experience.
It is an innovative, natural, certified product, using the highest quality raw materials
and zero VOC emissions, with full respect for man and nature.


You can see the difference and feel it with your hands.

All the designs signed Affreschi & Affreschi are made on sheets of fresh plaster,
kneaded by hand by our master craftsmen from a special mixture of 27 high-quality raw materials,
which include lime, grains of Carrara marble, and Roman travertine.
Our formula is unique in the world, the result of constant research,
combining the charm of craftsmanship with the beauty of contemporary design.
The result is an actual unrollable wall, 1 mm thick, made to measure and finished
with attention to every detail so that the design selected emerges in all its beauty.


Customizable and made-to-measure designs: the luxury of uniqueness

From colors to dimensions, from subjects to inspirations:
each design is an elegant, living, human project.
Each product is customized and made to measure, taking into account every need
(presence of doors, windows, furnishings) and can always be previewed
when ordering, with a graphic version of the custom project.


The most durable surface ever created for wallcoverings

The standards of comfort and resistance to wear,
water and dust of our artisan wallcoverings are very high:
they do not crease, nor do they come off and, with their porous surface,
are naturally breathable and free of plastic materials,
leaving the wall free to breathe, promoting the necessary circulation of oxygen
between the external and internal environment.


Every detail is attended to with care

Our handmade plaster offers
the largest format ever seen in the wallcovering sector:
up to 160cm x 500cm for each sheet.
These dimensions, in addition to significantly reducing the number of joints
and guaranteeing optimal aesthetic results, also limit a very common
defect in wallcoverings: misalignment between the various panels.
To overcome this, a further step that we always carry out during production
is a scrupulous inspection of the image along the joints:
if inconsistencies are found, our masters step in with targeted manual retouching
to guarantee perfection and fluidity in the final image.


Sustainable and natural materials, the dwelling of the future

Thanks to its composition using natural raw materials with zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions, the Affreschi & Affreschi plaster wallcovering is a healthy material, produced in compliance with European regulations, among the strictest in the world in terms of human and environmental health.

All the colors used to make our designs have GREENGUARD certification, issued to products that improve air quality. This makes them suitable for use even in sensitive environments, such as restaurants, schools, and healthcare facilities.

With their porous structure, rich in materials that promote sound absorption, our wall designs reduce the reflection of sound waves and are tested in a reverberation chamber in accordance with UNI EN ISO 354: 2003.

The plaster wallcovering is Class B certified, the highest performance for a wallcovering in accordance with EN ISO 11925-2, EN 13501, and EN13823.

The 1 mm thickness and raw materials used to ensure that our frescoes have an excellent thermal resistance (at the same level as fir paneling), certified in accordance with EN 12667 and EN 12664.

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