designed by  María Dalli

There is a thin line inside everybody which flows and crosses imagination, thoughts and emotions.
It is a line that connects and evolves, giving life to beauty in the name of the universal energy that everything moves and everything creates.
innerLine is the new collection drawn by the Spanish artist María Dalli for Affreschi & Affreschi.
A collection that projects on the walls the inner beauty of the beholder.

The collection of wallpaper designs for Affreschi & Affreschi follows the line style that is characteristic of the artist and their common theme brings the focus to human connection.
The designs represent human interaction in a variety of forms based on balance and fluid communication. Most of Dalli’s designs for Affreschi & Affreschi are based on drawings that have been made with one line, that is, without lifting the pen from the paper. In this way, the artist seeks to transmit a sense of unity, fluidity and minimalism.

With Pablo Picasso being one of the most recurrent sources of inspiration, oneline art style is gaining more and more recognition nowadays, linked with the philosophy of minimalism and simplification which are also one of the most demanded interior design trends.