designed by Fabio Novembre

‘Naturae’ is the new wallpaper collection by Affreschi &Affreschi, in collaboration with the renowned Italian architect and designer, Fabio Novembre. This collection draws inspiration from nature in all its forms and nuances, merging its inherent beauty with Novembre’s limitless creativity.

The creative genesis of this collection emerged as a reaction to the extraordinary situation humanity has faced in recent years. In contrast to the anthropomorphic spaces to which we were confined for weeks, the subsequent period witnessed an irresistible desire to return to nature and the primordial origins of things. It signifies a reclaiming of places from our historical, cultural, and natural heritage, a reconnection with the most primitive and essential aspects of human existence, far from artificial social constructs.

It is in this context that Fabio Novembre’s graphic design originates from the ‘landscapes’ collection, which draws inspiration from the Italian territory, observed with a completely renewed gaze and from a hopelessly different perspective. The path continues through the representation of ‘camouflage,’ a method that has always been used by man to blend in with nature and as a form of contestation of any war event.

Finally, the project culminates in ‘handprints,’ a highly symbolic series that takes inspiration from the Cueva de las Manos and depicts the mark that man leaves on the world through his own limited life experience. Fabio Novembre chooses the majestic, picturesque, wild and unspoiled nature as an escape route, a new point of view to live and breathe spaces.