designed by Milo Manara

“Among the most fascinating activities of life is that of travelling and discovering how much beauty there is in the world: millions of people looking for breathtaking places, works that the human being has ​created and that leave traces in the soul of those who admire them.​ The search for beauty is what moves the world, cultural contamination is what unites it.
Travelling, I learned that there are very few who have the ability to grasp the essence of those who have been able to create so much beauty as to arouse amazement. We dedicate Venus, a series of drawings that have made the history of Italian art and masterfully created by Master Milo Manara, to these people. From now on, they will become decorations that furnish exclusive spaces, works to be admired with eyes that go beyond the senses and the obvious and that know how to capture the essence of that beauty that leaves indelible marks in each of us.

I first set eyes on Milo Manara’s works in 2002 in a café in Civitanova Marche, recently restored and reopened after years. Day after day, admiring the painted vaults of the Vecchio Caffè Maretto, I thought about my future but I realised that I was dreaming. It’s been exactly twenty years since those May mornings spent in that café where, without knowing it, Venus, Affreschi & Affreschi today’s new collection, was conceived.It was imagined while I was dreaming with my head between the vaults, a newspaper in my lap and a white cup in my hands.”

Dario Roselli